South African DJ Khomza, Beats Up His Wife With Spanner, Then Later Asks For Forgiveness….

A well known South African DJ, Komza Nhleko has reportedly
been arrested and charged to court after violently assaulting his wife
with a spanner.

Inflicting shocking eye injuries and confining the woman to a
hospital – a video clip of the said assault was shared by the victim’s
friend Thandeka Ndex Ndolvu (HERE), who said that the DJ assaulted the victim
for a long time in front of bouncers who simply stood by and watched the
violence go on.

“First we were
attacked at Slotjile in front of five to six bouncers then followed all
the way to the garage. My friend has been assaulted for the longest of
time and has kept quiet because she thought that things wud change or
get better but this is what it got too…. She is now lying in a hospital
bed,” Ndlovu said.

The video (HERE), has of course, stirred major outrage and really is quite
disturbing too to watch – worse is that it emerged at a time when there
have been staggering reports of South African men murdering or
assaulting their women.

Photo Credit: Olisa
Reacting to the story, the South Africa Minister Police Minister,
Fikile Mbalula, called the DJ a dog and announced that he had been
arrested and arraigned before a court.

Then later on, after he realized his dilemma, the DJ took to Facebook to ‘beg’ his victim for forgiveness, blamed the attack on ‘anger’, and remembered that he loves her.

His next court hearing has been set for October.

He wrote on his page:

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