#Soulties Married Women cheat too….and here’s why!

  • “Breaking Soul Ties” – is a weekly column by Olusola Adio – dedicated to help you understand
    what #SoulTies are and how to break them with the power of God’s Word
    and the power of the Holy Spirit.
In this episode, we are
looking at why married women fall into the trap of cheating in marriage and how
this can be averted by guarding our loins with the Word of God.

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#SoulTies 9 starts now. Hope you all had a great week so far.

•  I want to state that we
are not here to condemn anyone or stigmatise anyone who has repeatedly fallen
into sin due to #SoulTies

We are here to expose #SoulTies as the works of the enemy that
the blood of Jesus has been shed to purge us from.

We are also not here to provide excuses and reasons for
Christians to continue in sin due to a misunderstanding of grace. #SoulTies

The Bible states clearly in Romans 6:23 that the wages of sin is
death #SoulTies is no excuse for us to continue in sin

We are here to work out our salvation (that Jesus already paid
with His blood) from #SoulTies according to God?s word.

In a few weeks from now our focus will shift to how we can
practically work out our already purchased salvation from #SoulTies

Today we are attempting to answer a question, in the context of
#SoulTies, which is why do married women cheat.
The men also asked to know why women cheat in relationships.

week, we’ll be looking at how to
overcome painful & nasty break ups.This is an area that saps a lot of
energy from pple.#SoulTies

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Why do women cheat? Let’s ask this question too. Is it really a problem worth
discussing? Do women cheat? #SoulTies

We’ll see a few interesting
scenarios in the bible that will make us see if it’s a potential threat to relationships. #SoulTies

I have asserted b4 that most men in d flesh process love through
their waist & women process love through their emotions. #SoulTies

We mentioned previously that the number 1 reason for infidelity
in men is sex. It’s the strongest soul tie
for men. #SoulTies

So by this rule, you reach a man in d flesh very quickly through
sex or anything visual that suggests sex.Porn, nudes etc #SoulTies

D quickest way to reach a woman is through her feelings,
thoughts & cravings cos women process love through their emotions.

Why is it worth discussing? a) Cos it’s a soul tie and it will abort the manifestation of God’s will in her life.

b) it will cause d woman to give up her body to a man in
fornication or adultery if this soul tie happens outside marriage.#SoulTies

Most balanced women don’t have sex as their number 1 priority like men do. Men will kill
& rape but women hardly ever do. #SoulTies

However, a study conducted on baby Mommas revealed 75% of them
saying they only tolerated the sex to get a touch. #SoulTies

They said they wanted a touch but fleshly men hardly ever touch
you emotionally without a hope 4 some sexual gratification. #SoulTies

This is the touch that Paul spoke of in 1 Cor 7:1. It’s not only physical but it’s also emotional.

1st reason why a woman would cheat is when her emotional tank
goes empty while still in a valid relationship or marriage. #SoulTies

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