#SoulTies How to recover from a nasty breakup

For the newbies, “Breaking Soul Ties” – is a weekly column by Olusola Adio – dedicated to help you understand
what #SoulTies are and how to break them with the power of God’s Word
and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Today, we are looking at how to
recover from a nasty break-up or a failed relationship and bounce back.

We start by examining our commitment to God and our salvation status
before looking at the importance of forgiveness and the elimination of a
bitter spirit. 

 I want to state that we are not here to condemn anyone or  stigmatize anyone who has repeatedly fallen
into sin due to #SoulTies.

We are here to expose #SoulTies as the
works of the enemy that the blood of Jesus has been shed to purge us from.

We are also not here to
provide excuses and reasons for Christians to continue in sin due to a
misunderstanding of grace. #SoulTies
The Bible states clearly
in Romans 6:23 that the wages of sin is death #SoulTies is no excuse for us to
continue in sin
We are here to work out
our salvation (that Jesus already paid with His blood) from #SoulTies according
to God’s word.
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Today we are attempting
to answer a question, in the context of #SoulTies, which is how to recover from
a nasty breakup.
Due to time constraints,
I assume that it’s
now accepted that d breakup is for real & u’re not coming back together again.
U r still dazed &
your inner circle has come to comfort you with d words on this pic. #SoulTies
I saw this happen many
times when I was in UNI and this literally sapped life out of vibrant ladies on
campus overnight. #SoulTies
I saw this happen to both
Christians and non-Christians in UNI so it wasn’t an experience that was localised to
1 group. #SoulTies
I also personally
experienced this both on the emotional and spiritual sides. So I am sharing
practical stuff here. #SoulTies
I will be sharing stuff
from the bible, the Word of God. It’s the most resourceful repository of wisdom I know of.
When this breakup
happens, we still hold on to thoughts and fantasies of what could have been if
breakup didn’t happen. #SoulTies
Ladies are hit more badly
here cos they put more heart, life and hope into their relationships than men.
They would do all they
can to prevent their relationships from falling off d cliff. #SoulTies
It’s a time where you are torn apart on
your insides wondering where you went wrong. #SoulTies
You feel humiliated cos
you had told us this was it and changed your relationship status to engaged.
Now oops! #SoulTies
You made him the face of
your laptop screensaver and your phone lock screen but oops! #SoulTies
To think it felt so good
at the beginning and now its all turned to pain and anguish. #SoulTies
After a breakup, there is
a vey toxic mix of emotions welling up in u; despair, revenge, confusion,
anger, hurt, loss etc #SoulTies
Then your inner circle
turns up to give you all sorts of counsel just like they did to Job. #SoulTies
Some say try crying and
you have cried, no improvement. Some say go on holiday, go eating, etc None
does d job. #SoulTies
In the process, you even
resort to sentimental music with lyrics written by those who went through the
same. #SoulTies
Then it becomes a
perpetual wound that u show to everyone who turns up to attract empathy &
an arm round your shoulder. #SoulTies
Now let’s start #SoulTies 10 here by looking
at the God factor first and then on to the required human steps. #SoulTies
In all we have said so
far, very little mention has been made of God. It’s been all about ourselves who got
injured. #SoulTies
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recovering from a nasty breakup. Looking forward to seeing you again next week.
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