Some will tell you how impossible it is to be in a healthy relationship without sex, kissing and touching but I stand to totally disagree – Nigerian lady shares her #Sexualpurity story

#WorldSexualPurityDay is a celebration
of the grace that has been given  to humanity to live above sexual
temptations and immoralities.
#WDPD is celebrated annually on November 14th.
The day is ceased to  make more awareness on God’s statue on
righteousness and the grace he has given us to live this life of purity;
A life free from masturbation, pornography, fornication, adultery and
the likes.
To mark the celebration, a  Nigerian bride, Elizabeth Edmond-Atumu who got married six months ago, shared her sexual purity below:

It’s World Sexual Purity Day!!!! And it feels perfect to share our testimony as a charge to someone!
In a world filled with sexual perversion, it seems insane to choose a different path. Some will tell you how impossible it is to be in a healthy relationship without sex, kissing, touching and all. 
In fact to some, these make up “the ideal relationship” but I stand to totally disagree!!! I am a testimony that defies this notion in its entirety! #Sexualpurity seemed to be a far cry from reality as sex or kissing were a prerequisite to be in a good relationship!
Don’t get it twisted, I had my fair share of kisses but that didn’t particularly make up for what my past missed. Then I grew up, not just in age but in my walk with God and I began to understand the extent to which God wanted me to preserve myself, NO KISSING (sex wasn’t even up for discussion). I chose to wait on God to bring the man who would believe in my values irrespective of his past mistakes and for me, this was going to be one of my convictions when I eventually find My Amazing!
The beautiful couple

When Hubby came back into my life (story for another world celebration day) as impossible as the world had painted sexual purity to be, it was effortlessly easy for us to click on this- not by words alone, but in deed too as our first kiss was on the day of our Civil Marriage! Sex waited until we had been joined in church! So we had our first physical show of love after we had been joined.

At first it seemed impossible but all we needed was decide to do it against the norms of the world and have it God’s way and the grace was made abundantly available from the Mercy Seat.

Keeping ourselves didn’t just help our relationship with ABBA individually, or together as a couple but we were also able to bond with each other beyond the physical cuz time spent together was always about developing our relationship with God and pursuing purpose. 
Our perception of one another wasn’t clouded with false emotion so we walked into this forever journey with 20/20 vision!

So I hope with these few points of mine, I’ve been able to convince you that #sexualpurity is possible irrespective of the lies our world serves you with
The beautiful couple
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