Solomon Akiyesi wedding scam: This was his third wedding!

Solomon Akiyesi’s secret first wife, Ezinne, revealed. More ugliness showing up about this man. Wow! New reports surfacing online reveal that the nollywood actor, Solomon
Akiyesi has been married twice – married to a certain Ezinne and then
Lilian (the lady that disrupted the church wedding on Saturday).

According to SDK,  “Mr Akiyesi was still married to Ezinne in
Port-Harcourt (they are still married) when he married Lilian and was
still married to Ezinne and Lilian when he tried to marry Uloma.
” – he is probably a confused man!

Concerned Friends of Ezinne (the first legally married wife) claim
that Lilian knew Solomon was married yet got married him years ago. The
same fate that befell Uloma (the unlucky bride) on Saturday almost
happened then but Ezinne decided to play mature by letting the wedding
hold while “she called on God to intervene”.

Pictures of Solomon Akiyesi’s wedding to Ezinne – his very first wife will  be uploaded shortly! But seriously, this man is not smart at all – he should have just made them all his mistresses instead of getting married to them #JustSaying

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