So my Grandma turned 80…and we celebrated it like this!

Me and a cousin digging it…and yea, she’s a loyal kfber, xoxo
So my Grandma, Georgina Olufunmilayo Ajayi turned 80 and we decided to celebrate her with a small private birthday celebration (just a few of us, family members gathered at her home) this past weekend.
It was such a beautiful event, having to see loved ones you haven’t seen in a long while (Saturday) and then the Thanksgiving service held on Sunday (yesterday).
We actually planned to upload the photos yesterday for the KFB ‘Only God Could Have Done This segment’ so that we  could share the beautiful testimony of how God has kept mama for the past 80 years but by the time we arrived home from the long trip…we were too tired to type or even come online, lol…so we apologize for not publishing the OGCHDT segment yesterday.
Oh by the way, the official photos aren’t ready yet but you can enjoy these ones below 🙂

Yelz ke, Birthday mama

Me digging it  with mama

Mama and some of her children

Me trying to capture some moments….

Grnadma’s sis, me, others digging it

Grandma and some of her grand kids

cutting of the cake with some of her grand kids

Happy Birthday Grandma

When she got the peck of life from yours truly

Grandma and moi pweety sis

Grandma and grand kids


This bond can not be broken

Grandma and some of her children


Us again…
Us again…

Grandma’s children

 Happy birthday Grandma, love you loadssss!!!


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