So everyone is talking about Mugabe’s epic fall, hilarious memes come up…(photos)

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Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe fell down a flight of stairs at
Harare International Airport yesterday, instantly launching a new meme.

Journalists who captured the
moment on film were reportedly asked to delete the evidence. But in the
internet age, it’s hard to keep things like this from leaking out.
It seemed the idea of a 90-year-old dictator busting out a couple of dance moves was too delicious to resist. 
See some of the hilarious memes below:
It took a while for some people to get up to speed with the meme.
But then they just ran with it.
Feeling guilty about watching an old man fall down?
Some suggested those tweeting from Zimbabwe might find themselves in a spot of trouble.
To be fair, we can only laugh about this because the only thing he hurt was his dignity.
You can watch video of the Epic Fall (HERE).

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