Skimpy outfit: Students attack female teacher with machetes in Imo

Some male students Obosima Secondary Technical School in Imo State attacked a female teacher with machetes.
The unfortunate incident occurred because the victim, Mary-Ann Oguezuonu,
scolded a female JSS2 student who had changed from school uniform into a
skimpy outfit that was deemed inappropriate for a school environment.

Oguezuonu threatened that school
authorities would send her away from the school if she was ever seen
dressing in that manner again. While advising the young girl, an SS1
male student confronted her, telling her to stop embarrassing the girl, Vanguard reports. He then grabbed the teacher’s blouse, as he yelled at her.
Other teachers found out what had
happened, and immediately sent the male student into the staff room,
where he was subsequently flogged.
As Oguezuonu was nursing her
five-month-old baby in the staff room, the male student mobilized other
students, suspected to be cult members, and they attacked her with
The victim is reportedly in critical condition, as doctors battle to save her life.
Chimaobi Precious Agu, who is said to
be the main suspect in the attack, is currently at large. Police
authorities are currently investigating the case, and some arrests have
been made.

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