Six things we learnt from General Buhari’s Full Acceptance Speech

For those of you that missed the president elect, General Buhari’s speech then read on.
He has nothing against Goodluck Jonathan: At exactly 5:15 yesterday (Tuesday) evening, President Jonathan called to congratulate me on my victory.

For this, I want all Nigerians to join me in congratulating and
appreciating Mr President for his statesmanship.President Jonathan was a
worthy opponent. I extend my hand of fellowship to him.
I look forward to meeting him
soon, as we plan the transition from one administration to another.He
will receive nothing but cooperation and understanding from me, who led
this nation to democracy

He is grateful for voting for him under the sun and in the rain: You stood in line patiently for hours; in the rain, in the sun and then
in the dark to cast your votes. Even when the vote was extended to
Sunday in some places, you still performed your civic duties. You did so
peacefully.You voted with your heart.

 Change has indeed come to Nigeria: Your vote affirms that you
believe Nigeria’s future can be better than what it is today.

You voted for change and now change has come.

CHANGE has come and a new day and a new Nigeria is upon us.The victory is yours and the glory is that of our nation, NIGERIA.

He is grateful to INEC and Nigerians
: INEC has released the official result of the Presidential Election. INEC
has declared that I gained the most votes with the required spread and
won this election. In a more profound way, it is you, Nigerians that have won,” The people
have shown their love for our nation and their believe in democracy.The
declaration of INEC accurately reflects the will of the people.While
there might have been some logistical obstacles and irregularities
associated with the exercise, the result shall stand as what the people
I thank all Nigerians who have made this day possible, our country
has now joined the community of nations that have used the ballot box
to physically change an incumbent president in a free and fair election

To the PDP and other parties supporters, he is sorry: To me, this is indeed historic. Most people will welcome the result because it is the one they voted
for. Others will literately be disappointed. I ask that we all be
circumspect, respectful and peaceful in these times. This was a
hard-fought contest. Emotions were high. We must not allow them to get the better of us.
  This is not the time for confrontation. This is a moment that we must begin to heal the wounds and work toward a better future. We do this first by extending a hand of friendship and conciliation across the political divide. We hope and pray our friends in other parties reciprocate. 

And then he thanks APC and the Press: I thank all the members of the All Progressives Congress, the APC, for
their commitment and their hard work through the formation of the party,
the campaigns and the presidential elections.

Let me equally express my appreciation to the media, civil society and security agencies
for their selfless service. The international press and our friends
abroad deserve a fair commendation for their support throughout the

We promise a robust and dynamic engagement with your countries in matters of mutual interest.In the interim, I call on all Nigerians to be law abiding and peaceful.
The eyes of the world were focused on us to see if we can vote in a
peaceful way and carry out elections in an orderly manner.We have proven
to the world that we are a people who have embraced democracy and a
people who seek a government by, for and for the people.

We have put one party state behind us. We have voted for a government that will serve and govern, but will never rule over you.

May God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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