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Have you ever looked at
yourself and wondered “na which kain head I carry come this life”? See so &
so, he no too dey huzzle but pepper dey rest, life dey sweet for me. Me so so huzzle,
morning, afternoon, night! Shuo!

Maybe you’re not the one with the problem, maybe na your
sister/friend/brother/uncle life wey be like say he don dey bend…Do not worry
anymore, you are sure to find the right diagnosis here today. There are
different types of destinies wey people bring come this life, once you can identify it, then half the problem is solved, you only need to go for
Underwear Destiny: We all wear
underwear, if you no wear pant, you go wear bra, or boxers, or singlet…
you go sha wear underwear. How many times do people wear underwear on
top cloth? Unless dem dey krase…It’s always underneath your clothes. As
important as underwear is, you will not see it outside. Some people are
useful but never noticed. If they are giving awards, you deserve it but
they will never nominate you. You’re always limited, people hardly
recognize how talented you are. Some musicians suffer from this… very
talented, but never known. O ma se oh..
Bisco: How many of you remember bisco? That firework thingy that
sparkles when you light it. I remember playing with it at Christmas time, if you
don’t know bisco then substitute it for fireworks. Some people have bisco
destiny. What is wrong with this destiny? You only shine for a short time,
after that your glory disappears. I’m sure you know people who have been so
wealthy and suddenly…poooft! Money haff finish. Or ladies that used to be
sooooo pretty, suddenly suddenly, worwor don belleup them. It’s not ageing, it’s
bisco destiny. Fire!

Whistle Destiny: We all know
what we use whistles for na? You put in in your mouth and blow. If you don’t
blow the whistle it will never be functional. Some people’s destiny be like
whistle. They are only relevant when someone helps them. People have to use you
before you’re functional. If there’s no one to help, you’re errrrr, well it’s over
for you! Oh The Blood!
Chewingum Destiny:      I love chewingum, the thing about chewingum

is that you cannot chew it for long
because it would have lost the taste, and
then you spit it out! People wkith chewingum destiny, only when you are
good people use you. For guys, some ladies will use you and dump you,
it’s nothing to do with the girls, it’s
chewingum destiny that is fighting you. People with chewingum destiny,
you have money, problem will come, when you’re broke, you’re free! This
is a use and dump destiny. 

Foot mat Destiny:
What do you use your foot mat for? To wipe
rubbish off your feet… People with footmat destinies are always
overlooked and
people step on you all the time: they always take you for granted. They
you for things you did not do, implication full your life nor be small…
it is
foot mat destiny. People will pass over your head to greatness, but
never you. You’re always serving others, paving the way for their
success. Faaayaaaa!!!
Teabag Destiny: The teabag only
gives taste after adding hot water. Some people are suffering in this life…they
struggle for everything. What your mates will do, you have to work 3 times
harder to get it. Please don’t look so far. It is teabag destiny. If you only
succeed after extreme struggle and suffering, Rebuke it in your life. Rebuke!
Dustbin Destiny: Na so so yama
yama things dey enter dustbin… no one ever goes to the bin to pick something
of value abi? It’s a pity that some people can identify with dustbin destiny. Everything
dishonorable happens to you, bad luck everywhere, you never win, you almost get
there, but sadly nearly cannot kill a bird. The people in this category need to

I did not mean to insult anybody but I am sure you must have
identified at least one kind of destiny. I was driving jejely on my own when I
heard a pastor talking about these different destinies so I decided to
elaborate on it. LOL. At first I thought it was comedy, na when the pastor
talk say na MFM he from come, that’s when I knew he was serious. E be like
joke. Biko, if you identify with any of this… go for deliverance. Daaazall!
Written by Sisi Yemmie!
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