Simi Vs Chidinma, who is your favorite?

Gone are the days when the male folk dominated and ruled the music industry!

Today we can proudly boast of some top female artistes in the country who are reigning as much as the men!

Reigning and dominating with their voices, their beauty and their allure! You cannot underestimate them anymore.
Two of those who are really making us proud are Chidinma Ekile and Simi!

Not only are these two ladies powerful vocally, winning hearts
without even trying much but they are also great in the looks
department! They are what we call adorable!
makes you want to hold and comfort her and shield her from thus scary
world and the same goes for Chidinma Ekile who has failed to outgrow the
adorable childish look!

We have heard their male colleagues refer to them as ‘sweet’, yes that is another way to describe them!

While some have argued that Chidinma has the ‘sweet’ look more, some
others have maintained that Similar is the most ‘adorable’ female
artiste in Nigeria!

What’s your take, Simi or Miss Kedike?

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