Show of shame! Actor Odunlade Adekola, His Thugs and 2 Other Actors beat up a civil defendant

Quick update: It wasn’t just the civil defendant that was beaten, four students were also mercilessly beaten by the popular
My previous report: 

This is really embarrassing…little wonder why the yoruba movie industry is not moving forward like Nollywood #JustSaying.

Sunday at Adigbe in Abeokuta, Popular actor Odunlade Adekola and his
team including Madam Saje (Fausat Balogun), Afeez Owo and others lodged in at a hotel,
Hcord (not too far from one of the Moshood Abiola polytechnic hostels), to shoot a movie – however a fight ensued between the crew and the
students of MAPOLY!
My source exclusively told me that everywhere was calm until the movie shoot began – the crew’s generator was “allegedly” disturbing the peace of the neighbourhood!

in the hostel stepped out to appeal to the actor to switch off their
noisy Generator which was disturbing them. (They were trying to study
for their exams for the next morning

However, instead of listening to them, Odunlade who felt insulted said
o le da mi duro (you can’t stop me) eni ti baba e bah toh, ko wa le mi
ni bi bayii (he whose father has the guts should come and stop me).”

And then, the students and the team began exchanging words and cussing.

civil defendant while returning from work after having witnessed what
happened decide to interfere and carry out his duty of restoring peace.

Since the students
were all familiar with him in the area, they appealed to him to help
talk to Odunlade while he calmed them down and made for his
However, another argument ensued between the students and Odunlade after about 5minutes so the civil servant (name withheld) stepped out to know what was happening and once again tried to restore peace…

This time, Madam
Saje and Odunlade threatened to beat and detain the civil servant if
he didn’t shut up but hey he had to insist and protect the right of the
students and and that was things kinda got out of hand!

Before he
could say Jack, Odunlade had ordered his boys to beat him up…the
thugs hit him with planks, sticks till he was beaten mercilessly…Afeez
Owo, Fausat Balogun and two other artiste even joined the thugs in
beating him….they left him with scars and continued with their movie
shoot. This is really really bad, a whole actor stooping so low as to do that…

And to think that he recently welcomed a baby boy…smh!

The civil defendant has since reported the issue to the police custody and the case is presently being looked into!

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