Seven months old marriage of Alamiesegha’s son crashes :(

The seven months old marriage between Tonbra Alamiesiegha
and Chikodi Stella Ononiwu has crashed.

According to SDK, the marriage crashed after Stella was caught pants down in a
hotel room in Abuja with Ernest, a married banker.

lover birds had been sexting for a while and Tonbra, the son of former
Bayelsa State governor, had been secretly following the escapade. 

finally set his wife up last week Thursday in Abuja by planning a fake
business trip. And as usual, Ernest showed up to pick Stella up to their
usual hotel.

were tailed, caught red handed and the whole event was captured on

Tonbra eventually threw Stella out of their matrimonial home on
Saturday and she has since landed safely in her parents compound that
same day. 

Tonbra paid the bride price of Chikodi Stella Ononiwu on Saturday July 19,2014 in Nwangele LGA Imo State. 

Their talk of the town white wedding held in Abuja on August 2,2014.

Their Registry was held March 7,2014 and introduction was early 2014 and their engagement was towards the end of 2013.

to the hostility between Stella, the CEO of “House of Diella,” and her
in-laws while the marriage was on, she is finding it difficult to
approach them for help…. her remaining belongings in the house have been
sent to her by DHL with the expected date of delivery being


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