Seun Oremade: Please Let Goldie Rest In Peace

I kinda agree with this article….*covers face*….
Trying to sensationalise Goldie’s marital
status after her death is sad and an obvious failure on the part of
some of the Nigerian press.

It is amazing that our press claims to know so much about the late
singer’s background. Her father’s successful banking career and clergy
status, her late mum’s exemplary top management banking career and
little Susan’s involvement in the church. Yet, despite the one thousand
and one interviews she granted, nobody seemed to EVER ask her in
lifetime how she got the name HARVEY, since her Dad and Mum don’t bear
that name. Investigative journalism is now a thing of the past, only
done by people who “are not so busy”.

In these days of junk journalism and lazy copying and pasting in the
name of blogging, it is no surprise that a lot of ‘writers’ would cast
aspersions on her and insinuate a lot of negative things just to drive
traffic to their blogs. They would come up with screaming headlines such
as ‘Goldie’s most hidden secret unveiled as husband shares intimate
pictures’, ‘The many lies of Goldie’, ‘Goldie and her un-golden side,’
‘The many things Goldie did not achieve …we planned to have a child this
year – husband’,  amongst others.
But how many of them would take time to appreciate the woman who was
able to successfully separate her marital life from her career? How many
would find out if her true friends and close associates knew her
marital status but chose to respect the vow of silence? How many would
truly want to find out and respect the reason she chose to be silent on
her marital status?
Let us be fair, let us be reasonable in trying to commercialise her
death on the pages of magazines and blogs. Let’s do a little finding out
before the next post.
Personally, though I didn’t think of her as a great artist, I respected
her hustle, I respected her never say die spirit,  I respected her
desire to succeed, I loved Skibobo Ribobo and was hoping it would make
her blow big time.
And before you ask, NO. She was not my friend.
Oremade, a Lagos-based marketing executive and entertainment enthusiast, can be reached via [email protected]
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