See what skin bleaching has done to Toke Makinwa! (Video)

Media personality, Toke Makinwa shared video of her and her pet dog playing around but we saw something scary???

Hit play below…

A post shared by Instablog9ja✅ (@instablog9ja) on Jul 30, 2017 at 12:55pm PDT

In the video below, the divorcee is seen playing with her dogs and her veins are all green! Comments under the video are savage as usual, with Nigerians claiming it’s the negative effect of bleaching!
Some of the comments below…

  • makky_boogieIs that toke’s hand?…jesu
  • beebhiolarlol
  • beebhiolar@ony.egolum @tosynosha @gozie.a see Toke hand, bleaching is bad
  • zeun_zeun_Can’t wait for 2030 for y’all bleaching ass smh.
  • msphunmie@omokanyinsola.o what that Kent be tokstar see vein, the quest to be lieskin ehen
  • nk_sonia_Smoking is not enough,then you bleach..calms o it’s side effect are not cool
  • tolusucreSee green veins??dey wont stop bleaching
  • dammiee_d@helenwhite_ ….can you see the veins?
  • divyluvAnd instablog is ironically reporting Toke’s veins…we yaff noticed!!
  • miss_brownnie@nikjewel ????
  • grovyjpWhat is this ?
  • hamaraqueSee her hand @ifeoluwakitanalaba. Your mentor
  • posh_lilyWtf does green veins??
  • oluwa_swit_See her hand she don even bleach her vain ??
  • freby008Wow her hands tho….bleaching smh
  • beverly.ace@akunne__ I lie????
  • hawtpipiY would someone expose her veins like this? Beauty is pain but this is rubbish
  • ogunyemi.damolaSee your WCM veins @arin_candie ???
  • nifsy102Kilode?!! Ogun ma laye o.. bleaching to dis extent???
  • sellyluv1No that’s not her
  • juleahjulesI seen green veins. The skin is basically transparent
  • juleahjules@divyluv I dey tell you! ?
  • amakaikeActually thought that was the dogs body
  • akusinachi_nke_iziziOmg!??? her green veins no dey for market…my God she better stop doing bleaching
  • tope_tush@tokemakinwa what happen to ur hand ma
  • missvianny@mimzdoll1 issa vineyard!!!
  • arin_candieE tire me ??? @ogunyemi.damola
  • fedexerxesHer hand is so disgusting..
  • omini_smoocheyGame of veins season 1-7
  • dillyjayfimilejoWhich kind hand be this ….
  • adella_mmgSo why is her hand like that
  • lurvhboneKilode tenbora
  • joy_0hLol…no chill.@mahn_like_goro
  • mahn_like_goro@joy_0h ???
  • fomskylalaShe got exactly what she was looking for @optimistic_okiemute #attention ?
  • macnely77???
  • optimistic_okiemute@fomskylala are those spider veins I’m seeing ?
  • silverbossbabyShe spoilt my appetite, am not sure I ‘ll eat fr days???
  • silverbossbabyJesu,
    I died, so nobody can be perfect, all the good face and all, she still
    got sumtin to deal with, ? Who says black isn’t
  • fomskylala@optimistic_okiemute ?
  • cheezobarHer veins look scary tho…
  • olojam7I see petrol runninq throuqh her vein
  • yuowenyasU sure it’s hers?? @alisa2susan
  • king_bunkerWas wondering wat part of the dog is that, never knew it was someone’s hand???
  • rafeehahSee her veins … e no good to bleach ?? after all the filters
  • iamelbEdakun which kind hand b this o
  • bonexdonNawa for that hand o
  • danielaanthonybillionDt hand sucks wtf
  • truthboxmayordalmost threw up seeing dat hand.gosh!
  • abisola_411Saw it on her snap lastnite and i couldnt stop saying warrisdis?
  • xx_sephineLord Jesus the veins though
  • aikhomo@funkymee lol ?
  • adaezebrendaLool the person handling this account is petty af!
  • kingv_____lol what happened @aniejasmine
  • preszplay@purpyluv
  • lesleybuks@exixy_jimoh ???
  • preschusHow can that be her hand, Really that’s very low
  • boss_iduzeHands looking like a when you took too Viagra pills and havent bust a nut in 3hours
  • fweshboyvno7WTF are those???

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