Sad story of how a Bridegroom died in auto crash on his way to introduction

During the last Valentine Day celebration, a young woman, a native of
Uburu in Ohaozara Local Government Area of Ebonyi State and her suitor
whom she was taking home to meet her parents got involved in an

They were both traveling in a commercial bus and of all the
passengers in the bus, the young man, an indigene of Abia State, was the
only occupant that died in the accident.
The intending couple had traveled alongside a few family members of
the man from Aba for the event that was to hold just a few meters from
the scene of the accident.
Eyewitnesses told Sun Newspaper that the driver was trying to avoid hitting an old woman who was crossing the road when he lost control and hit the wall of a building.
An eyewitness, Frank Ori said he ran out of his house when he heard the deafening bang of the vehicle hitting the wall.

“I heard when people were shouting and so I
ran out of my house to the place. The passengers were talking about a
woman. When we asked whom they were referring to, they explained that
while they were coming an old woman was crossing the road.
“So, the driver tried to avoid hitting her. But seeing that he was
about to hit a building, he turned the steering suddenly and in the
process the vehicle somersaulted and hit another wall. But when we came
out, we could not see any woman fitting the description they gave. We asked people and they said that they did not see any woman like that.
“Strangely again, out of all the passengers, it was only the young
man that was killed. The wife-to-be, who was also traveling with him,
 suffered only a small glass cut. They were all coming in the same
vehicle. It was only that man that died from the accident. The girl he
was going to marry had only a small cut, along with one other woman.
Every other person in the bus was safe. It was just the three of them
that were rushed to the hospital,” Ori said.

According to SUN, the father of the girl was late, while her mother resided in the village.
The girl was resident in Aba where she met the late suitor. Ori
explained that when rescuers made to move the man out of the damaged
vehicle, they discovered that he was not talking.

“It happened that when the vehicle hit the
wall, part of the block that fell from the wall fell on the man’s head.
It was lying on his head. Then we rushed him alongside the wife-to-be
and one other woman that sustained an injury to the Presbyterian Joint Hospital in Uburu. But before getting to the hospital, he gave up the ghost,” Ori said.


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