Scarcity: Calabar Residents now bath with satchet water (Details)

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It has been revealed that residents of Calabar, the capital of
Cross River State have resorted to the use sachet water to take their
bath following the acute water scarcity that has hit the metropolis.
According to Punch Metro, residents in the Calabar-South and
Calabar Municipality axis of the metropolis expressed dissatisfaction
with the lack of water in the last two months.
They lamented that the situation had forced them to resort to the use of sachet water.
There are insinuations that the water situation was worsened by the
kidnap of the state Commissioner for Water Resources, Mr. Gabriel
Odu-Oji, who was released after the payment of N10.4m ransom to the
kidnappers who held him for 31 days.
A resident of Asari-Iso in Calabar Municipality, Mrs. Magdalene
Okoi, said the situation was worrisome, adding that it has worsened the
economic state of most homes because of the huge bills being incurred
with the constant purchase of sachet water.
“This is about the second month that there had been water
scarcity. We are now being forced to use pure water to take out bath
because of lack of supply from the water corporation. Unfortunately,
Calabar is one city that is surrounded by water which cannot be
consumed. We are dying in silence,”
she lamented.
Another resident of Howel Street, off Mayne Avenue in Calabar
South, Mr. Etim Daniel, said the area had been without water for more
than three months.
He said, “This situation is seriously affecting us and we do
not know to cry to anymore because we have those in authority who no
longer listen to the yearnings of the masses. Apart from water, there is
complete collapse of social infrastructure across the metropolis. This
is becoming unbearable.”
In his reaction, Managing Director of the Cross River State Water
Board, Prof. Godwin Igile, said the corporation was carrying out
maintenance as a result of large-scale vandalisation.
He said, “Yes, it is true there is no water in Calabar
metropolis. This is because we are carrying out repairs of our
facilities. Besides, they have vandalised and stolen our equipment and
this is making it difficult for us to operate at optimum.
“For a very long time now, we have not done maintenance, so we
decided to carry it out and we don’t know when it be completed so we
don’t know when we will start pumping water to residents.
“I took over in December 2015 and we had water all through last
year. I plead with consumers to bear with us while we are trying to
give them portable drinking water.”
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