Sad story of how Lagos Businesswoman lost millions to 419ers

The police in Lagos have declared
wanted a man whose stock-in-trade is using his three wives who pose as
witches to defraud unsuspecting victims with false promises of a better
According to SUN newspaper, the suspect, Awosina Folorunsho and
his wives Debo­rah, Hadiza and Folake got busted when Moses Okafor,
husband of their latest victim, Helen Okafor trailed his wife to their
hideout at Sango Ota in Ogun State. She was alleged to have paid more
than N10 million to the syndi­cate before her husband got wind of their
Narrating how she fell victim, Helen said  “I own a cosmetic shop in
Balogun market, Lagos Island. I have a neighbour who could barely pay
her rent in the market. Suddenly, she was having so many customers and
her goods hardly stay up to three days. She was always travelling to buy
goods at least three times in a month and that is unusual. It was
really embarrassing and I sought solution everywhere, all to no avail.
It was then that my friend advised me to seek an alternative source of
attracting customers. She was the one who suggested that I should read
that particular newspaper.”
Helen claims that before her husband rescued her, she had lost more
than N10 million to the syndicate. “I saw the advert in one of the
national dailies. The advert was a solution to stagnant businesses. When
I called them, they told me that it will only cost about N10,000 for
prayers and buying the necessary ingredients.
“Initially, I went to see them at Mushin and I was given a form to
fill with my passport. They took N8000 and told me that the money was
meant to be used to buy all the in­gredients which include chicken, hot
drink and some other things that would be used to appease the gods.
“During the consultation, the herbalist told me that it was my
neighbours in the market that had stolen my star. I believed because my
business suddenly started dwindling. I can hardly finish selling my
cosmetics in three months.
“After much prayer, he said that we will travel down to Sango Ota to collect money that I will reinvest in my business.”
On getting to Sango Ota, she was ushered into a very big compound and
asked to go and sit in the living room. “I begged him to get the money
for me but he said that it is only the owner that will pick it or else
it will lose its po­tency. When we got there, I was ushered into a
living room that had red curtains all over. I was terrified but
determined to improve my fortunes.
“Suddenly, the light went off and started blinking. I wanted to run
out but discovered that the door was locked. It was then three women all
dressed in white appeared. They showed me a carton full of money and
asked me to go and bring N3million to cleanse the money and make it
“Baba came in shivering and told me to do it or I will die. He said
this was the only way I will have the opportu­nity to make it. By the
time he calculated the amount need­ed, it was about N3.5 million. After
seeing those women who claimed that they are witches of the land, I
thought I will die. I quickly made available the amount and gave them”,
she narrated.
When she returned, Helen said she was asked again to dip her hands
into either of the remaining pot. “It was the same procedure but this
time only two women appeared. I dipped my hand into the pot by my right
and still picked pieces of paper. I must confess that I heard the sound
of thunder and lightning. It was terrified, I begged for mercy while a
voice shouted that I must appease the gods. Baba came in again and said
that the evil spirits after me are so many. He assured me that the last
pot contains what I needed. I was asked to bring N6million to handle the
sac­rifice. I had no choice because I was scared for my life and
secondly the future will be brighter.
“I returned on the agreed date to dip my hand in the third pot but my
husband who trailed me, stormed the room and broke the pot. It was then
my eyes opened. Inside the pot was another paper written that I should
bring N10million or my entire family will be wiped out. I guess that I
was un­der a spell and I thank God for using my husband to rescue me. I
guess I was under a spell.”
The victim’s husband, Mr. Okafor said he became wor­ried when he
realised that his wife was sneaking out of the house early in the
morning and returning home very late. “I confronted her and she told me
that she went to visit a friend in Sango. I was worried because this has
never happened and the surprising part is that she will always sneak
out of the house. On 28th January, 2015, I decided to follow her.
“I allowed her to enter the compound and followed her. I was not
comfortable with the environment and I needed to know the secret my wife
kept from me. I walked into the house and discovered that it was a
shrine. They tried to stop me but I boldly broke the pot and they
threatened that I will die. They gathered us to drink all kinds of
concoction and to also sign an undertaking that we hired them to perform
rituals. We agreed and was detained for the whole night while witches
including Deborah told my wife to try and complete the ritual. To escape
from them, we agreed and was released the next morning. The next day, I
reported the matter to the police.”

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