Ronke Oshodi Oke talks about the challenges of not easily get her bra size in the market

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While chatting with Punch recently, actress Ronke Oshodi Oke opened up on the majr challenge she encounters when going to shop in the market. See excerpts below:

Why do you love fashion?
You just have to be fashionable. It
doesn’t depend on your profession. I am not just fashionable because I
am an actress. I have to look good all the time. People ought to see you
and admire you. You must be able to admire yourself too. To me, being
fashionable should be a part of life, your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter
if you are a celebrity or not.
But are there times you feel it is stressful to be fashionable?
Oh yes, it happens especially when you
are on the big side. For somebody like me, there are things I would want
to wear but because of my size, I might not be able to wear them.
Does it mean you are not proud of your physique?
I am very proud of my size. I am proud of
myself and I like my size. But at times, you might just want to wear
something but it wouldn’t fit you. You would drop it and pick another
thing. Some people who are slim do complain too. You may have flat chest
and backside and you wear a dress and it wouldn’t look good on you
because you would want to be curvy. You would just drop the dress and
pick another one.
Even as you say you are proud of your size, when you were growing up, did people make fun of you because of your size?
It wasn’t because of my stature that they
made fun of me; it was because of my boobs. I started wearing bra
before my age mates and classmates. While they were still wearing bra
top and vest, I was already wearing bra. When we wore our school
uniforms, my bra straps would show and they would be making fun of me. I
used to feel embarrassed and I would wish I was in their category. I
was big and tall then. I used to sit at the back of the class.
What do you like wearing?
I love anything that fits me and I must be comfortable wearing such.
Do you wear minis?
Oh yes I do. I wear miniskirts and dresses.
Do you like showing off your cleavage?
I do because my husband loves it. I show
it off a little though. I am a wife and mother, so in whatever I wear, I
have to consider that fact. I wouldn’t want my daughter to tell me to
go back and change my dress. She is 11 years old and you know the way
kids think these days. I wouldn’t want to wear or do something now and
when my daughter clocks 22 or 25, I wouldn’t be able to correct her when
she does same thing. I want to look sexy, yes but I also want to look
responsible. There is nothing bad in looking sexy.
Do you find it difficult to get your bra size?
It can be very difficult. It makes it
more expensive. I always want to ‘pack’ myself. I wouldn’t want to
appear in a movie where I would need to run or walk fast and my boobs
would be bouncing. I don’t like it. When you ‘pack’ yourself very well,
when anything happens, you are ready. I have to go the extra mile to
look for good bras.
So how much does it cost?
I spend at least N10, 000 on a bra. At
times, I get my perfect size when I travel abroad especially in the US.
If anybody is going to the US, the only favour that person can do for me
is to buy bra for me. It is the only gift that I can appreciate from
anybody and it would make me happy.
Do you love shoes?
I love shoes a lot. I am crazy for shoes. I love all forms of footwear. I wear wedges, flats and all kinds.
Since you are tall, you still wear heels?
I do. I wear block heels. The nature of
my job is showbiz. You have to look nice so that your fans would see you
and appreciate you.
How often do you make your hair?
It depends on how I want to look at that
point in time. As an actress, you must have different looks. If you are
seen in one place with one look, you have to change that style when you
are going to another place.
Is there anything you can’t be caught dead wearing?
There are some crazy dresses that I
cannot wear. It is not as if those dresses are not beautiful but I have
to consider my fans and family; I cannot wear such. Some people are very
good at keeping past records. I don’t want to wear something and
somebody would keep the picture of such and bring it out later in life.
Do you always go for things in vogue?
It depends. If it is something I like, I
can go for it. But if it doesn’t catch my fancy, I will not bother. It
is not a must. I am not a designer freak. I don’t wear designer labels
because they are trending. Everybody is driving Range Rover but I don’t
like that brand of car. Even if you give it to me for free, I would sell
it. I love Japanese cars. I mustn’t do things because everybody is
doing it. I do what pleases me.
Are you doing any new movie for now?
Oh yes. But then, I am going into music and I will be ready with my album soon.
So what’s the title of the album?
For now, we don’t have a title. When the time comes, I would just choose. I am still working on it.
What genre of music do you play now?
It is hip hop, R and B and highlife.
Did you collaborate with anybody?
Oh yes. I did a song with 9ice and
another one with Pasuma. I also did another one with Oritsefemi. I will
be releasing the tracks one after the other.
Why did you go into music?
I have the talent. I have been working on this talent for a long time.
Don’t you think it will affect your acting career?
It will never affect it. Acting is my first love and nothing can take its place.
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