Rekindled love confirmed: Goldie is in kenya to see Prezzo!!!

Yesterday, I published a post here that Goldie and Prezzo were spotted in Kenya, cuddling each other! The post generated controversies as some fans argued that the face on the picture wasn’t Prezzo’s.

The controversial pho
 Front view of the photo
Anyway, it has been confirmed now that it is indeed Prezzo; also it has been 
confirmed that Goldie is indeed in Kenya to visit Prezzo.
According to Niyi Abiti, “Goldie is in good hands at the moment 
as she paid a return visit to
lover boy, Prezzo in Kenya.
Prezzo was the first to visit Goldie in Nigeria to plead for 
understanding over the way he treated her during 
the big brother africa star game show”

Goldie is said to have jetted in the country on Saturday night. She
was met at the airport by
former BBA contestant Millicent Mugadi and
Prezzo. After hugging Millicent, she is said to have
run towards Prezzo
and the two warmly embraced. They chatted excitedly and seemed to be
intoxicated with each other.

Goldie who arrived at midnight had her luggage bundled up in Prezzo’s
sleek silver Mercedes
E Class. She claimed that they were headed to
‘a hotel room’ where she will be staying.

Goldie is said to be in the country for a week or more. She claims
that she is here to record music.
Prezzo had quite an interesting
response to whether they will be recording music together.
A cheeky
Prezzo claimed, “I know we will be making some music…together”

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