Read this deep and thought provoking piece…

Please read this deep and thought provoking piece I just found on Facebook!

I went to NYSC Orientation camp few days back to minister and heard one of the new corps members give her testimony….
She said ‘I thank God that among all my friends I am the only one that made it to stream 1’, and People clapped.

Isn’t that normal? It is o.
You know had it been all her friends made it to stream one she won’t
feel that her testimony is special. But Her testimony should be that she
made it not that her friends didn’t.. Shikina.
I have seen folks testify that they are the only one that passed the exam… All others failed and the church will claaaaap.
Can we see how others misfortune are gradually becoming our testimony? Our hearts are rejoicing over our friends’ predicaments.
You never went to church for thanksgiving for all the journey mercies
until you had a ghastly accident where many passengers died and if you
check, the testimony is centered on people that died.
I ask you
today? When you count your blessings, do you count others misfortune? Is
that your basis for rejoicing? Today you are crying you made a B in an
Exam, but tomorrow you will be dancing that you made a C all because
others failed… See your heart.
Thank God for life not that your mates are dead
Thank God for health not that Others are in the hospital.
Thank God for safe Journey not that others never made it to their destinations.
Thank God for Fruitfulness not that others are Barren.
If you are thanking God because you are not like Others you only make the others think God deserves no thanks from them.
The two look the same but are very different.
Count your blessings, Don’t count my troubles.
My trouble is not the evidence of your blessing.
Blessings are self-evident.
2Cor10:12 : “….but they measuring themselves by
themselves, and comparing themselves among
themselves, are not wise.”
Let’s be Wise
Grace of God for all

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