Psquare (Peter and Paul Okoye) to wed on the same day (photos)

Paul okoye proposes to his baby mama
When Peter Okoye proposed to his babymama, Lola…
Whoop, the wedding bells have started ringing…the Okoye brothers (Peter and Paul) are officially set to walk down the aisle!

You will recall that a
few months ago, Peter Okoye proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Lola
Omotayo, and everyone wondered when Paul Okoye will propose to his.

Well, Paul Okoye is now engaged too.
The brothers returned from
the US/Canada in the early hours of today and after having rested for a few hours, Paul
Okoye decided to propose to his long time girlfriend and baby mama, Anita
Atokwu-Isama  at an undisclosed venue on the island.

Of course she said yes!
In a not-too-recent interview, a close source disclosed that Peter and Paul Okoye made a secret pact to get married at the same
time, day and venue. “The two brothers have
resolved not to allow marriage come in-between them, thus their decision
to get married at the same time” the source further revealed. You can read more HERE
Well, all is now set – the brothers will hold their wedding on the same day, how I love twins! #okbye
BTW Baby mamas are really getting lucky this season, lol.


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