Psquare Crisis: The Media Is Worsening The Beef Between The Brothers – Dbanj

Nigerian popstar, Dbanj thinks the Psquare crisis would have been
settled quietly, were it not for the media who he says are making it
worse by always writing negative stories.

In a recent chat with NET, Dbanj says the brothers who currently
cannot stand each other, should be left alone to settle their issues.
‘The media should sit back and let them settle their
issues amicably. They’ re making it worse by writing all sorts of
stories about them. Brothers will always fight and get back as brothers,
but the media should not write negative stories in a bid to make money
off the headlines.’

He goes on to make an example of his exit from Mohits in 2012, a move
that was widely reported at the time. Dbanj refers to that coverage as
‘Remember I almost became a victim of the media back then
when I left Mohits, but I thank my stars that I pulled through and I am
still here,’
he says.
In the advent of their second breakup, Paul and Peter Okoye have not
made any secret of their loathing each other, firing shots on social
media since the dissolution of their group was made public.

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