Man narrates how police officer shot colleague for questioning him

Man narrates how police officer shot colleague for questioning him

Below is a narration from a Facebook user about how a policeman shot a fellow officer in Port Harcourt. According to the man, their vehicle was delayed by the policeman who questioned why they didn’t have tinted glass permit. While explaining to him, another officer who was bothered by the way they were getting delayed for no serious reason, questioned the policeman who stopped. To their utmost surprise, the officer was shot by the policeman.

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“This happened on my way for Lagos yesterday on east west road by Rumuge, A police man stopped our bus asking for drivers license from our driver which he gave him after that , he requested for tinted permit then the driver told him that the car is a company car and that the copy of the permit was not with him.

We all came down pleading with him to let us go, but he bluntly refused. On seeing us another of same company bus stoped to ask his colleague what the issue was along side with some passengers the next thing was that the police man opened fire on the leg of this young man who was also presumed to be a force man just because he demanded an explanation on why we were unjustly delayed. Am yet to recover from the shock can’t believe that the people that are meant to protect lives and properties, can just open fire and shot at a live that they are to protect. Pls share let those in authority see it.”

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