Photos of moments Adewura Bello’s body was removed from open drain where she died

The heartbreaking footage showing the moment the body of Adewura Lateefa Bello was pulled out of a drain after she had been missing for days was obtained by LIB.

The 26-year-old accountant, Adewura had left her office on May 15 and called her family when she was close to Gowon Estate where they live to inform them that she was almost home. But she never made it home.

A missing person tweet was shared by her family and a search began.

It was later gathered that a bike man carrying a woman suffered a mishap close to an open manhole and the women fell into the canal through the open drain, while the bike man was arrested for not heeding warnings to avoid that route.

Days later, the family of Lateefa revealed she was the one who fell into the canal and she didn’t survive it as her body had been in there for days before a search was conducted.

Videos showing the search for Lateefa’s body and the moment she was found has been obtained.

According to one of the men who made up the search team, Lateefa’s body was found lying face down at the Abule Odu end of the canal. She was recognized with her shirt and birthmark as her face had been badly damaged.

The source also said the search team drew up a map of Gowon Estate to determine where the open drain leads to. They went through every tunnel till they got to the end which is a “canal that is channelled to Abule-Odu/Iyana-Iba, Badagry.”

The source blamed Adewura’s death on “pure negligence on the government’s part” and said the deceased might have had a chance if a search was carried out immediately it was reported that a woman had fallen into the open drain.

The source said: “The police arrived the scene at about 15.00hrs on the 16th, and nothing was done. If she had a chance of survival, it was denied.

“LASEMA arrived the scene on Saturday 18.05.19. Still no moves were made, excuse being that they were not atrained to enter drainage.”

Adewura Lateef is being buried today at Morikaz cemetery, Agege.

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