Peace Mass Transit speaks on accident that killed “18” people

Peace Mass Transit has issued a statement in reaction to the news that one of their transport buses got involved in an accident that claimed the life 18 people.

Confirming the accident, Peace Mass Transit stated that the fatality recorded is actually 4 while many are receiving treatment at a hospital.

The statement reads:

“It has been brought to our notice that one of our buses,and another belonging to GUO transport were involved in an accident situation on the Lagos-Ore-Benin Express way,on Thursday.

“Accounts by official first responders at the scene had it that there were at least four fatalities and injuries to passengers in both vehicles.

“Further details are sketchy,while we can confirm that injured persons are in the hospital receiving treatment.

“We are also establishing contact with relations of affected persons on our side, as appropriate.

“It was an unfortunate incident which we deeply regret.

“We enjoin social media posters to be mindful of the sensibilities of persons in this situation and their families,and refrain from spreading salacious,untruthful accounts, unrelated to any reality.

“We are cooperating with appropriate agencies of government in their investigation to establish the truth and avoid a recurrence”.

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