Pastor’s wife dies after he refused doctors to evacuate their dead unborn baby

According to the message sent to OAP Freeze, a pastor allegedly caused
the death of his wife by refusing doctors to evacuate the dead baby his
wife was carrying in her womb. 

Kindly read the details below:

“Please I want to give an eye witness account of a sad event. A Man just
Killed his wife on Wednesday in Lagos and this is what happened. The
man in question is a Pentecostal Pastor In a Big Pentecostal Church ,
the wife got Pregnant and test revealed last week that the baby is dead
and an evacuation is needed. The man said No that the baby is not dead
that Evacuation is a No. The man took his wife from the Hospital and
start Praying and using Anointing oil without telling anyone including
the women’s parent, on Wednesday morning the woman went into force
Labour and she gave birth to a Dead Baby and the placenta came
out.wednesday evening she had a crisis and died and this man took the
dead body home instead of mortuary. He called a Co Pastor in his church.
They went there and he refused to release the woman’s body for Burial
that she is coming back. They Prayed the “what are you waiting for
Prayer” and she didn’t come back. Now she is in Mortuary. The man killed
his Wife. Simple.
The woman is not buried till now, the man insisted she will wake up.
the father in law have rejected her corpse that so far he took law into
his hands by disregarding doctors advise. He should eat the corpse.”

Freeze reacted below….

“I got this disheartening message this morning.

I must say that
Nigeria is at a point, where Religious stupidity is at an all time high!
This foolishness is fueled by the doltish teachings ofcallous Yahoo boy
pastors, along with our constant quest to remain ignorant and

I hold responsible that cretin of a husband, who
should be in the confines of a prison cell, if there were any justice in
the world. ~FRZ”

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