Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo’s Wife: “How I Met & Fell In Love With My Husband”

Pastor Yemisi Ashimolowo is the First Lady of Kingsway International
Christian Centre (KICC) one of the largest and fastest growing churches
in Western Europe, with branches all over Africa.

Pastor Yemisi, who added another year on
September 23rd, 2014 is married to KICC Senior Pastor, Matthew
Ashimolowo and she is the proud mother of two sons, Tobi and Tomi. In a recent chat whith City People, she opened up on her love story…enjoy:

Now, let’s go personal Ma, how long have you been married to Pastor Matthew?
I have been married for 33 years.

Did you envisage that you were going to be married to a Pastor as a Pastor’s daughter?
No, no, no! Marrying a Pastor was the last thing in my mind. Because my
Dad is a Pastor and as a Pastor’s daughter, I dreaded marrying a Pastor.
My Dad has 2 brothers that are Pastors also but of different
denominations. I never really wanted to marry a Pastor but God knows the
plans He has for our lives.

So, how is being married to Pastor Matthew like?
First and foremost, I thank God that I never listened to the Unilag
lecturer who warned me against marrying Pastor Matthew otherwise I would
have been probably in a one corner room here in Lagos. But see how my
life has turned out to be traveling all over the world to preach and
minister. The lecturer never saw any future in Pastor Matthew as a
Pastor but the lecturer is late now.
I didn’t know that marrying Pastor Matthew will end this way even I
didn’t want to preach when I married him, I just wanted to be a full
house wife but he was the one who really discovered me, and saw the
beauty of God in my life. So, he mentored me to be what I am today. And I
never knew that KICC would be a big church that it is today.

How did it all happen between you?
Okay! I can still remember vividly, it was January 1980, when Pastor
Matthew came to my Dad’s church to assist him as an Assistant Pastor. He
just came out of Bible School as a fresh graduate then and he was
immediately posted to Foursquare Bible Church as an Assistant Pastor to
my father even though he had CAC background. And I saw this young
vibrant man who was posted to my Dad’s branch. I remember, we were
having a serious challenge at that time and we were worshipping outside
because our properties were been thrown outside by our landlord over
land problem in my area at that time.
It was at this period of time that this young and fresh man (Pastor
Matthew) came. This man was so committed and the way he was serving God
swept me off my heels. Then I told God that God, if only you can give me
a man like this young and vibrant man that is newly posted to work with
my Dad for a husband but must not be a Pastor, then I will forever be
grateful to you. It was his commitment to the Lord that attracted me to
him. This young man was so committed to the things of God.

Was it love at first sight?
Not really because he was a Pastor and I didn’t want to marry a Pastor
but I was only attracted to him when I saw him. I must also confess,
marrying Pastor Matthew is the best thing that has happened to me. But
you know, as a Pastor’s daughter and having 2 Uncles as Pastors, I
wasn’t interested in another Pastor again. But I thank God I married one

What has been the challenge(s) so far?
Definitely in life there will be challenges. But you need the grace of
God to deal with them. And in the ministry, you have to meet and deal
with different kinds of people and all of these takes the grace of God.

Every marriage has its ups and downs and every marriage goes through
challenges and as I said earlier, it only takes the grace of God.


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