Pastor Fireman’s story and his wedding pictures

If like me you have been wondering who Pastor Sign Fireman is, then welcome to the club….hehee! Truth be told, when it was announced that he was getting married, I was like “so?!, what makes him special? who is he?” but then I decided to do my digging and I found this.

the flyer

Last year a flyer from Pastor Fireman was all over the social media…According to Myne Whiteman “I just saw it on Facebook and wanted to brush
it off as a Nollywood spoof but someone insisted it was real? Surely
this is one of those Lady Gaga, Rihanna-Beyonce movies? BTW, I watched the documentary on Sign Fireman and some other Nigerian
pastors where he said God is a game and Church is essentially a
business, but this is surely crossing the line? I have been SMH since I
saw this”

That explains it all, right? Pastor Fireman who claims to be a new generation pastor specifically conducts his service for hot lagos girls, if you are not hot, then the church is for not for you!
Anyway, he got married over the weekend to a 21/22 year old lady and here are pictures from the wedding

Happy married life to them!

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