Pastor fights doctor over member’s corpse in Abuja

Pastor Moses of one of the new generation churches (name withheld) in
Nyanya , Abuja has challenged a doctor of one of the private hospitals
who confirmed one of  his patients, Mrs Agnes Ameh dead in the early
hours of Sunday.

 Trouble started when Mrs. Agnes Ameh who was in a critical condition,
was rushed to one of the private hospitals in Nyanya, Abuja at the
early hour of Saturday.  It was confirmed that the doctor’s effort to
fight the ailment yielded no result as the young woman died on Sunday
The pastor and his prayer warriors
rushed in after a bus had been brought in to convey the corpse to the
mortuary, shouting ‘Halleluiah’, and declaring the glory of the lord.

The pastor told the family members to relax, saying that Agnes was only
going to be asleep for few hours, and will rise again.
 The angry doctor quickly ordered the pastor out of his
hospital premises. However, the family members agreed with the pastor
and rushed Agnes to the church where the pastor and others considered as
strong members of his church commenced serious prayers in order to
revive her.
Mr. John Ojobo further affirmed that the prayer warriors and their
pastors began prayers from 8am and ended 5pm with no result at all as
the corpse remained unmoved.
According to Ojobo, “the pastor gave up around 5pm when he saw that
his prayer was not working; leaving many members, even his prayer
warriors to doubt his capability as a man of God.

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