Pablo and Temi: Read the love story of the beautiful couple that trended on instagram last weekend

Last weekend, we brought you photos of this cute couple, Pablo Freeman Monyeh and Temitope Ibrahim trending on instsgram (HERE)...whoosh, we now have their love story!

They met and started dating right from their first year in Bowen University in 2009.

Read their beauiful love and proposal story as told to below:


“We literally just walked pass each other whenever we met on the way.
During sumer in first year, we had to do the same course together and
he was always late for lectures, he would sit behind me and keep poking
me with his pen and asking 100 questions, we became friends from there
and started talking and tha was how we hit it off.”

Proposal story

On that fateful day, which was a few days before Valentine, I went
over to his house and he was just busy pressing his phone and was not
responding properly to our conversation. He went into the bathroom and I
decided to snoop, lol then i saw the messages and i kept quiet. Few
hours later, we went out and he picked up the ring unknowing that I
knew, we got hime or rather he dropped me off and ddnt say anything.

I was patiently waiting for the proposal but it didn’t come but as I
was about leavin, he said babe i need to talk to you about something and
the story began, let us go and get married right now and i just kept
laughing and said fine, let us do it and while i was laughing so hard,
he brought out the ring and i said yes. So here we are, i will forever
love him.”

The lovebirds will get married on the 23rd and 24th of October, in Abuja!

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