Oyedepo reveals the role devil wants to play in coronavirus pandemic


Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church has revealed the role desired by the devil in the coronavirus pandemic.

In a Facebook video, Oyedepo stated that if the situation should persist, which has seen global activities shut down, the devil will hold the world to ransom.

He, however, pointed out that God would not allow coronavirus plague to put an end to the world.

“Let go of fear. Everyone is a victim of whatever they fear.

“What you don’t want, you don’t watch; what we don’t resist has a right to remain and what you don’t confront you cannot conquer” Oyedepo stated.

“The disease is wrecking the economy of our various nations. You can’t fly into nations. No deal that can be sealed without human contact. Businesses will go down the drain, transactions will cease.

“It is real…but human contact has come to stay. I know that efforts are being made here and there, but it must not get to a point we allow the devil holds the world to ransom.

“There are many terminal diseases and by coordinated efforts there were brought under arrest. This one will go the same as other went.

“God will not allow this plague be the end of the human race. This plague ceases right now as we join prayers. It’s time to talk to God for help.

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