Oyakhilome did not commit ADULTERY! – Anita issues statement

It is no longer news that Pastor Anita
Oyakhilome is seeking to divorce her husband, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome,
the President of Believers’ Love World Inc., popularly known as Christ
Embassy, on behaviours that suggest that she cannot
‘reasonably be expected’ to  live with him.

There had been media reports that Anita decided to divorce Pastor Chris
based on allegations of ‘adultery’ and ‘unreasonable behaviours’ but a
copy of the  court papers for the divorce process filed at the 
Principal Registry of the Family Division (PRFD) of  the High Court of
Justice in possession of THISDAY,  revealed that she applied for
“divorce on the ground that the marriage has broken down irretrievably.”

In her statement of case in support of petition at PRFD with number
FD14001650, Pastor Anita however, accused her husband of having
inappropriate relationship with some of his female staff members.

According to the statement, “the wife has discussed with the husband
his appropriate relationship with some of his female staff members. She
has explained that this has given her cause for concern. The husband has
minimised her worries and taken no step to alleviate her grievances.”

In fact, the statement indicated no allegation of adultery as there was
no co-respondent to the petition and no names were mentioned. defines adultery as “voluntary sexual intercourse
between a married person and a person who is not their spouse.”
The statement reads in part: “The wife submits that her marriage to the
husband has irretrievably broken down and there is no hope of
reconciliation. The wife will submit that it is the husband’s
unreasonable behaviours which have led to this.

“The husband and the wife are both Pastors. The husband undertakes his
work, in the main, in South Africa and Nigeria. The wife lives in the
United Kingdom. The wife will say that they have lived separately for 16
years and over this time have drifted apart. The wife has come to
realise that the husband will only visit the UK for annual church
programmes that he holds rather than to be with this wife. The wife
feels that he has been unavailable as a father to their children during
their developing years.

“The wife feels that their marriage suffered under the pressure of
their work. They would rarely spend time together due to the husband
unavailability. Special occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays and
family occasions and anniversaries past them by and their rarely spent
any time together as a family as the husband was more devoted to his
work than he was to them.

“The wife feels that she has been used to portray and enhance the
husband’s image as a family man when the reality is that there is no
existing relationship between them. She feels that she has been present
for official functions simply for his convenience. On occasions she has
been copied into his travel itinerary which has been given to him by his
staff on a need to know basis.
“The wife has tried to discuss her concerns with the husband. He claims
that she is carnal and he is insensitive to her feelings and her

“As a result of the husband’s attitude to their marriage, the wife will
say that he is virtually not recognised as a married man in the
ministry. His teachings and beliefs on marriage is that the husband is a
master and a controller and the wife will say that his concept of
biblical; submission is so extreme that it is impossible for her to meet
his expectations. She feels humiliated by the way he treats her in the
presence of his close female staff members and she feels that she has
been taken for granted which has become unbearably stressful for her.

“The wife will say that the relationship with  the husband is
non-existent to the point that his itinerary which was announced 
publicly at the beginning of the year had no provision for time with his
family. His staff members who travel with him organise both his
personal and professional life without any input from her. The wife will
say that she is treated with disregard almost like akin to an intruder.
“The wife feels that she has been mentally, physically and emotionally
deprived of the experience of a marital relationship. She feels that the
husband has persistently judged her  and his communication with her has
been unduly harsh. The wife knows that he was hard to please and has
been extremely critical.
“The wife reserves the right to expand on all of these particulars if the divorce petition is defended.”


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