Over 1000 spiritual flies attack Tonto Dikeh and her son (Photos)

Tonto Dikeh Birthday

Radical for Jesus, Tonto Dikeh and her son, Kind Andre are seriously fighting some spiritual battle! The born again actress revealed in a social media post that for the past four months, she has been facing serious attacks from flies!

She wrote:

Woke up to Over 1000 life flies in my son’s room(for the 2nd time with

no open exit or entrance,no rotten item),The devil is aliar..

For over 4months now it’s been one spiritual battle or another..

Today I decide to make this public,WE ARE NOT SCARED?

Today I pray with the authority bestowed upon me by the almighty God

that “No Weapon formed against me nor my Son shall prosper..Any tongue

that rises against Us shall Die,It is said in his Word “I will Curse

those who curse you,The battle is mine says the lord!!!

King-Andre any curse from your fathers house by your father and his

people Or any other house(Mine or Foes) shall never locate you and back

to sender Ijn.Amen

May all efforts to snatch yours/Life be wasted ijn,Amen…

As they try May they drop like a lodge one after the other,Twist and turn their hearts and life to their deaths ijn,Amen..

Any spirit assigned to hurt you King-Andre From the west,east north and south May they Fall and die by Fire?..

May pain death and hunger be their portion ijn,Amen!!

With each scratch on your body let their heads row,Amen!!!

King-Andre I Cover you with the precious blood of Jesus,May Gods grace,Love,Unmerited favor and mercies never depart from you..

Any Man/Woman who seeks your downfall,Shall Die.

Any Man/Woman who calls your name in the presence of a foreign god aside

OUR GOD ALMIGHTY may they die and may The fire of the Lord almighty

burn,Destroy and shatter..

Any Man/Woman that calls your name for evil or bad may MADNESS locate him and his generations Ijn,Amen!!!

Witches and wizards hear me and hear me well,IN ME IS THE POWER TO KILL YOU,IN ME IS YOUR DEATH,IN ME IS YOUR FAILURE..

I stand on the gap for my Son and I literally lay my Life down for his

as his mother and as my God I surrend King unto your holy

hands,Jealously protect this soul,Jealously guard him,jealously secure

his future,Health,destiny and Star ijn,Amen…

Lord physically disgrace and expose The evil doers and their foes,Lord I

have no power of my own and therefore I live our life’s and future in

your hands..

Guide us,Guard Us,Bless us ijn,Amen!!!

King Andre you shall live long,You shall prosper,Your joy shall not be cut short,Your destiny shall shine

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