Operation Clean Nigeria!!! (Badagry beach cleanup)

Everywhere we go there are plastics around us. It could be in the form of a bottle, a nylon bag, plastic utensils such as plates and spoons. Over the years the importance of plastics for different purposes especially packaging has been emphasised but its adverse effect on the aquatic  environment and human health makes it less desirable. Plastics in the environment entangle fish, dolphins, sea turtles and other aquatic animals. Quite often, these animals feed on these plastic materials and sometimes “get full”. This false belief of a full stomach results in starvation because these animals no longer feed. Quite dangerously, tiny plastic materials attract toxic chemicals in the environment like heavy metals.
When fish feed on them and we feed on those fish, little wonder what could be the end result. The increase of plastics in our environment today shows that something urgent needs to be done. The frequent disposal of plastics including pure water sachets on our streets and beaches, which eventually get into water bodies such as lagoon, oceans and seas, are the major cause of plastic contamination in our environment.
A number of ways to reduce the plastics we have is to share information on their effects and to bring people together to address the issue. One of such are the Clean up events organised by Clean Coast Nigeria(CCN).  Every year is targeted at cleaning up beaches that have marine debris dwelling on its shores. Clean Coast Nigeria is a volunteer group that has been supported by Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Clean up since 2011. Being the world’s largest volunteer group concerned about marine debris and plastic pollution, international coastal cleanup is committed with its Nigerian volunteers to address this growing issue of plastics in the environment.
This year Clean Coast Nigeria would be organising a cleanup exercise on Saturday, 17th of august, 2013 at Suntan Beach, Badagry from 11am- 3pm tagged “Plastics On My Plate”. This clean up exercise would be done by volunteers of all ages. The main aim of this event is to clean up the beach and to educate people on the importance of being responsible for their waste materials and keeping their environment clean.
Interested volunteers should contact the following no: 08033030221, 08034425291 and 08089655593. For more information on Clean Coast Nigeria(CCN) ,visit our website www. or Facebook: International Coastal Cleanup Nigeria.
Let’s come together to keep our shores, give a hoot don’t pollute.

Omolara Oluwole
Badagry beach clean up cordinator
Clean Coast Nigeria.

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