Oops, battle of the party-goers! Uti Nwachukwu mocks Toke Makinwa on stage

Last night, media
personality, Uti Nwachukwu while hosting the ELOY awards which held in
Lagos, mocked OAP and Vlogger Toke Makinwa.

Uti who is well known for his ‘party-going skills’
acknowledged the fact that Toke Makinwa has taken over – she attends
almost all the celebrity parties in Lagos and fans are beginning to mock
her for that.

“Everybody is beefing you Toke. Why? You see, before Toke came on
the scene, I was the most beefed celebrity for attending so many events,
but now, whenever I go to event these days, I pray to God that Toke
attends too, so I won’t be insulted alone…since she came around, the
hate on me has lessened because finally there is someone who attends
more events than me.” Uti jokingly said.
On realizing that Toke and her fiance, Maje Ayida were not finding the
joke funny, Uti immediately tried to cover up, saying “Toke don’t mind
them, they are hating because you are successful and doing well”
He further said “You have a sexy man by your side who many ladies wish they had.”

Well, the last statement made Toke smile coyly but Maje Ayida didn’t stop frowning at Uti.
Meanwhile Toke tweeted this some hours ago “Life is too short to spend thinking of the opinions people have of you,
it’s never that serious. Fear God and be good to your fellow man”

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