Oops, the Bad State Of Lagos International Airport (photos)

Dele Momodu is not happy with the conditions of Lagos State’s Murtala Muhammed International Airport, and he wants the President to do something about it.
The Ovation publisher share pictures of the airport on his Instagram page with a message to the President under each photo.

case some professional scammers have been lying to our dear President
about Transformation Agenda, this is Murtala MUHAMMED International
Airport Lagos

Mr President, this is the new conveyor belt sold to Nigeria at God knows how much

Mr President, I know leaders hardly know the truth but as a patriot I want you to see the eyesore of our airport!

President, believe it or not sir, this is the new airport extension in
such ugly grandeur that’s being trumpeted as Transformation

Sorry, just an advice to passengers, do everything on the plane before you land at this odoriferous airport in Lagos!

Mr President, the critics are your best friends; Sir this is our flagship airport in Lagos as at last night!

Mr President, all the lifts in the MMIA are dead or comatose, I should be quoted Sir… An airport of pain

This man, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, had to raise up his trousers to avoid the stinking pool on this toilet floor at MMIA… Sad!

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