Only God Could Have Done This: I was driving and sleeping on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

Join me in praising God.  I have seen His goodness.  What can l give to God in return for what He has done for me? HE delivered my soul from destruction.  He counted me among the living.

Today, l share this testimony to His praise.  Have you ever found yourself dozing on the wheels?
Or you have heard of someone experienced it?
I am a living witness today by God’s grace.
I had a close shave with death in January 2015. It was the hand of God that saved me.
I was driving from Lagos to ljebu Ode on the Lagos-lbadan expressway
I was tired l believed. Coming from the hectic logjam traffic on Lagos  roads on to this expressway,
I was on speed of 70km/hour.
I discovered to my amazement that l had been sleeping while driving. 
God pressed the horn Himself to get me outside my dreamy stupor and impending danger.
long stationary truck was parked and left  by the  roadside.It was the
sounds the horn  was bringing out that made me  wake up.
How did it happen?
A split of a second more then would have made the story unpalatable. 
Only God knew the distance l might have covered when I heard the horn.
By the time l became aware of my surroundings, glory be to God. There was no vehicle coming from either ways.

was driving while sleeping.  But the Lord placed His hand on mine and
we hooted . Tell me if not God, who would have pressed the horn that
made me wake up just in time to swerve and not hit the parked truck.He
is GOD. Hallelujah

He is the Lord my Healer.
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