What’s going on between Omotola Ekeinde and Liberians?! (Photo)

Found this interesting report on SDK and just had to share!

A Nigerian in Liberia sent SDK a mail a few days back but when it wasn’t published, the Liberian sent another mail this morning on the alleged marriage.

”I’m a Nigerian based
in Liberia, I came across this
wedding invite (above) with Omosexy as the bride – they said Captain
Ekeinde died in a plane crash hence the reason she’s remarrying. 
…I heard this same
announcement over the local radio station this morning and you needed to hear
how excited he sounded – “Omotola will be ours”. 

Omotola is yet to respond though but one wonders what these scammers intend to achieve cos she is still happily married to Captain Ekeinde!

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