OMG! Boy murders his own mother, 2 sisters in Zamfara

Almost 19 months after, residents of the Mortgage Area of Gusau,
capi­tal of Zamfara State, still shudder at the memory of the
callousness of Kamalu, who hired assassins to mur­der his mother, Hajia
Aisha and his younger sisters, aged nine and 11.
Sunday Sun
reports that the bodies of the victims were dumped in the Bager dam, locat­ed off the
Gusau-Dansadau Road in the state capital. Although Kamalu was
eventually tracked down by the police, arrested and is now standing
trial, his accomplices are still at large and fugitives from justice.
That is why the residents are grieved and baying for justice to be
served Kamalu for the heinous crime allegedly masterminded by him.

The tragic incidence happened a day before May 29, 2013. While
other patriotic citizens were preparing to mark Democracy Day, generally
rejoicing and thanking God for the survival of the current dispensation
of civil rule, Kamalu and his cohort were also perfecting plans on how
to commit the triple murders.
It is still not yet revealed the exact time of the day when the satanic
team of assassins struck and snuffed out life from the trio of mother
and her two daughters. However, what is known is that a good citizen
informed the police at 8.30 on May 29 that a dead body was seen floating
on the water at Bager dam, from which the State Water Board sources
water treated and supplied to the metropolis.

The police quickly moved and recovered the corpse, which was taken to
the Federal Medical Centre Gusau for autopsy. The postmortem examination
of the corpse showed that there were deep cuts and injuries all over
it. This discovery led the police to suspect foul play, and listed it as
a case of SUD (sudden unnatural death).
Meanwhile, relations of the late Hajia who were disturbed by her sudden
disappearance trooped to the police station on May 30, 2013 at midday,
to file a report that she was missing, and had not been seen for 48
hours. They told the police that all ef­forts made to contact her on the
phone were unsuccessful because her phone was not reachable.

After receiving the report, the police took the relations to the FMC
mortuary, where they immediately identified the corpse shown to them as
the late Hajia Aisha, their missing sister.
Based on this positive identi­fication of the corpse, policemen led by
the Divisional Police Of­ficer (DPO) drove to the home of the diceased
and found the place locked up. They forced the door open and were
confronted by the shocking sight of blood stains all over the house.
Meanwhile, the place had been ransacked by the perpetrators of the
crime, who probably removed money and other valuable items.

The relations informed the police that the personal car of the late
Hajiya Aisha was not in the compound, but curiously her son’s car was
parked within the premises. When the police searched the car, they found
blood-stained pillow cases and bed-sheets in the boot of the car. They
took the items away as ex­hibits. Attention then shifted to what must
have happened to the two young daughters, who were also living with
their mother. The police promptly suspected that the assailants must
have killed them too and probably dumped their bodies where the body of
their mother was discovered.

The police team headed straight to the riverside to search for the
corpses of the little girls. Fortunately, the two corpses were
recovered. One had cuts all over the body, but the other one had its
throat slashed through with a knife.

Suspicion immediately fell upon on Kamalu, a school drop­out, who
relations recalled had consistently threatened to kill his mother if she
failed to give him money.
Through diligent detective work, the police tracked him down in Kaduna
town where he had driven the mother’s car. Some valuable items and cash
belonging to the deceased were also recovered from him.

During interrogation, Kamalu owned up to the crime, and said that he
masterminded the brutal and gruesome slaying of his bi­ological mother
and two sisters. He also revealed the names of four of his accomplices.
Two of them were instantly arrested by the police, but two escaped and
have remained at large.
The Zamfara State Police Command said through the public relations
officer that it would remain on the trail of the two fugitives, assuring
that it would not be long before they are arrested to face the full
wrath of the law.

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