Ogun State Public Schools mark Cultural day (photos)

Ogun state government under the able
leadership of Senator Ibikunle Amosun has rekindled the fire of our
cultural heritage in the public schools. 
This is one of the laudable efforts of
the governor to mark his footprints on the soil of the State.
According to
reports reaching KFB, it is now mandatory for all schools to mark the day once a
year in February. 

Last year, the day was inaugurated on February on the 20th. 
was to be marked last Thursday but the mid term break of last week made it to
be postponed to Wednesday – February 25, 2014. 

It was a sight to behold on all the roads to schools
this morning when students from primary to secondary were seen in their
different Traditional attires. 

Some put on a
full regalia while many others put on the head gear or cap.

One of the schools, Itoki Community High School elaborately celebrated theirs!
Throughout the day, pupils and teachers
alike showcased all the aspects their cultural lives, from dancing, to singing, to
drama, food preparation/type – Banga soup and Ogbono soup and yoruba delicacy Ojojo.

The Principal of the school, Alhaji G. Olabamiji who happens to be the chairman of the Zonal Ancopps, spoke of the importance of the day and rejoiced with the happy students.

All this is to
remind this generation and the one to come that we have to preserve our culture
so that it will not go into extinction. 

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