Oge Okoye bags life sentence in the KFB fashion court for this outfit at the Awol Awards in UK!

Accused: Oge Okoye [Nollywood actress]

Nationality: Nigerian



Case: The actress who was born in London in 1980 wore the above outfit to the biggest Sierra Leone award ceremony in the UK, The Awol Awards.
Although she is showing too much flesh here, we however, find the outfit appalling! Let’s start with the upper part. The UNIZIK alumnus showed too much flesh, maybe to trend but girl, if you want to show us something, make sure it’s perky! Don’t come to the table with some flabby, too separated “pancakes”!
What were you thinking Oge? Yes we know that after two kids, everything might go south, but girl, that’s why you should cover up! SMH!
Yes you’ve got a nice even skin tone but the slit? it’s too much! What if by mistake one of those buttons fall off? (You go come say your village people dey follow you, when them dey dia own jeje!)

Verdict: For exposing us to pancakes when clearly we need mango or water-Mellon (Side eyes at Cossy Orjiakor), you have been sentenced to cover up for life! And you are to pay a fine of N500,000!

By the way, Nice Makeup!

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