OC Ukeje talks about ow he handles the issue of Distance in his marriage


Amstel Malta box office winner O.C Ukweje, has made it known his
marriage is intact as distance is no issue for him and his wife.   Speaking with Sunday Scoop he said;
“Before we got married, we had the conversations about distance. We
keep in touch so that we know what we are both up to. Communication is
vital in every relationship. We have a good one and that is what really
matters. For us, distance is not an issue and it has many other elements
other than my job.“Marriage has been interesting. We have been
able to make the long distance work. I have also learnt a lot in the
process and this has made me a happy man and I intend for it to stay
that way. “As an adult, you make choices and you must have thought about
them, especially something like marriage. So, I don’t think I made a
wrong choice on any front. Marriage has more to do with the individual.
Marriage is about understanding, making compromises and companionship.
And I don’t think that I have ever mentioned that my wife doesn’t
understand my job.”
On watching a romantic scene with his wife ; “There’s definitely a degree of comfort, but there’s also the human side
of you that hopes the scene doesn’t come off as offensive.”
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