Obasanjo is under a spell — Ex-President’s Wife explodes on their son’s controversial wedding


The controversy over the date for the wedding of Tope Adebutu, the
daughter of Chief Kessington Adebutu and the son of Olujonwo Obasanjo, a
son of former president Olusegun Obasanjo, appears not to be over yet
as the groom’s mother, Mrs Taiwo Obasanjo has poured more fuel on the
raging fire. With the date announced for the wedding just a week away,
has given more reasons why she sought to shift the date

Why did you take your son to court in order to stop his wedding?

I am not a mad woman and the young man we are talking about is my
firstborn and my only son. I have two children, a male and a female. It
has been my desire for him to get married and I get to see his children.
My second child is married with children too, so it is my strongest
desire to see him marry and have children. I will tell you the history
of his birth. This boy is not an accidental birth, he is not a child I
woke one day, and told my husband that I was pregnant. I went through
some delay and there were prophecies that he would come and we should
name him Abraham. I respect the prophecies of God too much and before
the arrival of this girl that he is supposed to marry, we were warned
that whenever the time came for him to marry, he should not marry with
fanfare. We were told he should not have any elaborate celebration until
after his 34th birthday.

Strangely enough, no wedding came up until he is about to clock 34 on
the first of June and we were warned that any elaborate thing should be
done after his 34th birthday. I am not saying that there should be no
wedding. Before this girl came into the scene there was a prophecy that
foretold that this girl would come to cause problem. We have been warned
that he should just marry quietly and go home. You see he didn’t go and
court this girl. My twin brother who has now turned to a Judas and a
Goliath controlling both families introduced this girl to him. He is the
one fueling the problems.
Initially, my son said he wasn’t interested in the girl because she is
so fat and that he wanted a slim person. After a year, I didn’t hear
anything again and I went to see this girl. To see how she looked and I
saw her and told him that she would slim down. But he insisted that
after having children, she would balloon the more, but I convinced him
that my mother too is robust. I told the girl that I would go and pray
about it; that maybe God would touch his heart and change his mind about
it. He didn’t consent initially. Immediately he accepted, I introduced
him to the father and not that he courted her. He didn’t court her at
all. When the marriage issue came up I went to Tope’s mother, Rosemary
Da Costa. Tope is the only child of the mother. I went to talk to her
and explain to her the prophecy we received long before the daughter
came on board. I told the mother and her daughter that we should defer
the elaborate wedding till after June, but they refused.

Did you talk to your son about all these?

Olajunwo and bride
Yes I did and what is happening now is that Rosemary Da Costa and her
daughter, Tope Adebutu, are both wicked. I am sure you are a mother too
and if you are the one who went to look for a wife for your son and the
mother and daughter now said that there is a certain prophecy, won’t you
listen? Can the prophecy of God be thrown away? When I was given these
prophecies it was to avoid calamities. I was warned not to do anything
before his 34th birthday. He will be 34 on the first of June and the
wedding is coming up on the 11th and 13th of May. If I was not
interested in this wedding I would not have done all what I did. I even
told Daddy Obasanjo that he should invite all the dignitaries to the
wedding before the date was picked. I also took permission from Daddy
OBJ that I wanted his first wife to be present at the wedding. I also
told Mummy Remi Obasanjo that I also want her at the wedding and she
told me to tell Daddy OBJ first and I took permission from him. I
already told them we would be wearing the same aso ebi, jewelry and that
everything would be the same. You see I went to the two mothers. If I
was not interested would I have done that? I went to the General
Overseer of my mother’s church, the Apostolic Faith and I told them all
to come. At the introduction they all came.
In the Yoruba tradition, they normally pick the dates on the day of introduction. Didn’t they pick the day that same day?

They did not. After the introduction I was asking for the date and I
didn’t know they were hiding it from me. It was after I pressured them
that I heard that 11th and 13th had been chosen. So, I called and sent
text to Daddy Adebutu that the date should be shifted. I also spoke to
my twin brother who is now the Goliath of this family that they should
shift the date. They were tossing me about. At the end of the day they
didn’t change the date because they said there was nothing anybody could
do about it. However, to be fair, Daddy Adebutu is a good man and he
has no hand in all these manipulations.
But as the mother of the groom, are you saying they never consulted you?
I have never seen anything like this in my life. Even if they didn’t
consult me but as the mother of the girl that has long been on the shelf
with no husband and God used me as an individual to help you, should I
not be informed. I spoke to her many times on this but she refused to

What is the desperation about?Did the prophecy come when he was child?

No, it came about three years ago. They told me this wedding would come but I should be careful to avoid calamity in his life.

Did you tell the people who made the prophecy if you could pray and cancel it?

I did not go back because I didn’t go to solicit for this prophecy.
This came at three different occasions and it came from people I don’t
have normal communication or relationship with. They are not people that
are close to me.

But have you taken steps to pray on your own about it since they are insisting on the date?

I have been praying about it and I am telling the truth that I didn’t
make this up. I want to ask you because you can call me a liar and you
can say many unprintable things about me but I want you to note that the
Almighty God cannot be moved and nobody can make him a liar. Mind you,
the Almighty God knows those who are behind the date and God who gave me
this prophecy cannot die because he lives forever. You see, no one can
make God a liar and the truth will unfold soon because to them I am a
liar, to them I am a nobody, to them I don’t have money and to them they
have the greatest power and connection in this Nigeria. They can do and
undo but they have forgotten one fact that no human being is like God.

What about Obasanjo, how does he feel about this issue?

He is under a spell. Kenny Martins is the one controlling him and
controlling the Adebutu family. The girl is an only child and she
doesn’t have any other child but to her the marriage is more important
than the future of these children. Rosemary Dacosta and her daughter
have openly displayed utter contempt for the warnings of Jehovah for the
life of my son Olujonwo. And Kenny Martins supports all these too. This
is sheer open display of wicked arrogance and they have laid a powerful
siege on the life of my son, Olujonwo. It is very strange to me because
the marriage ceremony is only for two days and their future is there
forever. You see it is not a wedding they are having because of the
intensity of their preparation. The way they have been cooperating with
my son since I said I was edging out because I wouldn’t be a part of any
wedding that comes up in May; they were very happy. This girl now is
the one picking aso ebi for the Obasanjo family; she is the one
dictating to everybody. They want me to be a spectator.

What was the relationship with your son before the wedding issue came up?

It was okay before the wedding. In fact, the young man is a man any
mother, father or person would want to have as a child. He is a good
man. He is caring. He is respectful, he is not confrontational and he is
not abusive.

What is your relationship like with him now?

The relationship is just there because he has allowed himself to be
turned to Ileya ram. You know Ileya ram is always pulled anyhow. You see
everybody is cooperating with him to disobey God so that they can
implement their own agenda.

What is their agenda?

This is a classic, clever design to have a super feast with Satan. This
is a feast of hell where souls will be harvested. This is not ordinary.
It is a demonic affair.

Kenny Martins is your twin brother but why is he with them and not you?

That is it. I went to him several times to plead with him but he
would not listen. You know the problem he had on the police equipment
thing sometime ago? I had prophecies too and I went to tell him but he
told me to shut up. Now when this happened I reminded him about it but
he didn’t listen to me. So this is not a wedding ceremony it is the
perfect agenda designed by the powers and principalities of hell. They
are masquerading as human beings and they will be using my son’swedding
as a platform to send people to their early graves. If not why are they
so desperate about that date?

On your family side are you the only one agitating for a change in the wedding date?

Yes I am. Because I am the mother of the one who was given the prophecy
and I was the one who was given the child. Like I told you, he didn’t
just come like that, I had him through a prophecy. Everybody now is
after Baba Ijebu’s money and so the issue of God means nothing to them.
All they see is the money and they are all after a big, flamboyant
wedding to show off.

Have they come to try and convince you?

No, they have not. They have even decided to cook up something so
that I will be arrested on the 10th and I will be released on the 14th
of May.

Are you attending the wedding?

Yes but, not as a guest.

Are you planning to disrupt the wedding?

I am not going into the ceremony. I am going to place people on the
sidewalk. I am going to have a demonstration and we will not be
obstructing any traffic or destroying anything. I call them the
Jehosphat demonstrators. You know they are more than me; I will be on
the road to sing and dance to praise the Almighty God. We are going to
have drummers, we are going to have people there with me and we will be
carrying placards.

Don’t you think that will embarrass your son and hurt him?

Well, if that is what he wants because I have told him what to do. My son is not more than God.

As a mother what spiritual steps have you taken since you said this is spiritual.
I am praying so that the Almighty God can rescue him and save him. You know he is a Daniel in lion’s den. You just wait and see.


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