OAP Daddy Freeze reacts to Kemi Olunloyo and Seyi Laqw’s online war!

OAP Daddy Freeze has aired his two cents on the online spat between ace comedian, Seyi Law and controversial blogger, Kemi Olunloyo.

He wrote

After immense pressure from many quarters to drop my two cents, I finally bow. Here is my take.-Although I respect aunty Kemi a lot and stood by her throughout her struggle, I totally disagree with her involving Sheyi’s kid daughter.That child had absolutely ZERO fault in this and doesn’t deserve to be brought online and ridiculed. I believe, being the good woman that I know her to be, she will offer Sheyi Law and apology for involving his child.-If after that, they choose to continue with their online brawl, who am I to judge them or take sides? They are both adults that I know and respect and I won’t interfere in their fracas, as long as no innocent children are involved! ~FRZ


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