NTA reporter narrates her ordeal in captors’ den, smh!

Olubunmi OkeMrs
Olubunmi Oke, a nursing mother and reporter with the Nigerian
Television Authority, NTA who was released by her captors on Saturday,
had narrated her three-day ordeal in the camp of the kidnappers.

According to her, “I noticed a car following me at a high speed, so I
had to increase the speed with which I was driving and I rolled up my

“Very close to Jojein Hotel, Oba-Ile, the road was very bad. So I had
to slow down to carefully maneuvre through the potholes. It was at that
point that they levelled up with me and I was double-crossed.

“I asked them what my offence was. I even offered them my car keys
but three of them, armed with guns, dragged me into their car. One of
them got into my car and drove behind us.

“They drove through Owode to FUTA and to Ondo.They told me they were
taking me to Delta State but when we got to Ore, they blindfolded me.

“They blindfolded me from Thursday night till Saturday night when I
was released. So it was impossible for me to know where I was.

“My housemaid and six-month-old baby were in the car with me. They
dropped them on the road before driving my car away. They later got home
in a public transport. I learnt they also dropped my car at Igbara-Oke.

“At present, the car is with the Special Anti- Robbery Squad, SARS.
When I was released on Saturday, they gave me my car keys. I hope to get
the car during the week.

Oke alleged that she does not suspect that anybody sent the abductors
to her, claiming that the gunmen did not know her, but was only a
victim of random kidnapping.

“Nobody sent them to me. It was a case of random kidnapping. I just
walked into their hands. I do not want to believe anyone sent them to me
because when they got me, they were asking me series of questions,
‘Where do you work?’ ‘Who are you?’

“I think that showed clearly that they did not know anything about
me. I think the car I was driving coupled with the way I was dressed (I
read news that evening; so I still had my clothes and jewelry on) made
them think I was a good catch,” the nursing mother said.

Oke said she did not eat for the three days she spent in her captors’
den. She also affirmed that no ransom was paid for her release.

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