Notorious armed Robber survives 20 bullets

Could it be luck, fate or straight Jazz,
correct juju charms?!!
are the questions a combined team of police officers and members of a vigilance
group in Osun state are yet to unravel, when a robbery suspect they shot 20
straight bullets survived it. 

 Adedeji Ojo, who is in his early 30s, was a member of a four-man
robbery gang that operated on the Ibadan/Akure Expressway and Osu/Ilesha
Road in Osun State for months before their arrest recently.

The suspect, who received 20 dane-gun bullets from the vigilance
group, confessed that he belonged to the four-man gang. The combined
team of policemen and the vigilance group laid an ambush for the robbers
at a popular spot they attacked motorists.

Ojo said, “We are four members in our gang. We robbed and raped
passengers along Ibadan/Akure Expressway…I didn’t
tell my wife that I am an armed robber. My wife always thought I was in the church at
The bandits’ mode of operation involved littering the road with iron
and nails. Any unsuspecting motorist that steps on them would have his
tyres deflated. As the driver attempts to fix the tyres, the gang would
emerge from their hideout usually in the bush and attack the victims.
They often robbed and raped their victims.

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