‘It was not easy finding love as a Police Officer’- Newly married Lagos State Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Aliyu Giwa tells his love story in an exclusive chat with Kemi Filani Blog


On Saturday August 27, 2016, the Lagos State Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Aliyu Giwa got married to the love of his live in a beautiful wedding ceremony in  Lagos (Here).

Kemi Filani Blog recently had an exclusive interview with him at his Office in Ikeja, Lagos where he told us his love and proposal story, adding that it was difficult to find true love as a Police Officer….




Can you tell us more about you sir?

My name is Aliyu Giwa, Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos State Command. I’m from Kwara state. Offa, to be precise.
Born in Maiduguri, spent some time in Sokoto, the went back to study in Maiduguri.


How has life been as a young, social media savvy officer?
Social media, is just like a normal thing every youth out
there would want to explore.  I’m proud of my work and everything else that
surround me. I always look forward to something spectacular in my life. I like
doing things that are extra-ordinary.
So far, has it been good, bad or ugly?
In life, there’s nothing smooth. It always comes as good,
bad, ugly. It’s always comes in phases.
Some people would always talk about you when they see your
posts, while others don’t even like police at all. They will curse, insult and
say a whole lots of things about you.
I have received lots of Direct messages that are majorly
curses. These comes on daily bases.
How do you deal with such situations?
Well, I just go through them and I wish they understand that
it’s not all policemen that have ill-attitudes or bad manners.
It depends on the policeman’s background, his environment, the
way he was brought up and so many other factors. All policemen are not the
Have you ever been threatened by some of these people via social media?
It’s social media, it’s an illusion. It’s not real. Most people there are faceless. Social
media gives a whole lots of people audience power to talk to and address
anybody they see anyhow.
Now, let’s talk about your marriage, how did you meet your
I met her a few years ago through one of her younger
sister’s friends. After we were introduced, I called her later and we spoke for
sometime. Then she asked what I do for a living and I said i’m a Policeman. I
think that scared her, she didn’t believe that I am a policeman.
After that, we didn’t talk for two weeks. I called her up
later, and she opened up that she was not comfortable with the fact that I am a
So, I told her to ask around and find out the kind of
policeman I am. She did and was convinced to date me. That was how we started.
How long did you guys date?
We started dating in 2014. We lost contact and started
talking again.
How was your proposal day like, romantic or straight to the
I have been hurt couple of times, so it wasn’t really that
romantic. Besides, i’m a realist. I like doing or saying things the ways they
But at least, you went on bended knee(s)?
I did it just the normal way. It wasn’t flamboyant and I
didn’t have to go on bended knees.
It was in a restaurant, we went for lunch with one of my cousins.
He was the one that actually did the whole trick. We just did something and
took her attention somewhere, by the time she turned back, I was with the ring
and I proposed.
Based on your last experience, were you scared that she
might reject you?
I knew she would say Yes! I felt so fulfilled. I was not scared at all because inside me, i knew she is the bone of my bone, the flesh of my flesh. My missing rib.
After your wedding pictures went viral, there were some negative comments that you actually broke lots of hearts, before you finally married, how true is that?
First, i haven’t seen any comment like that. Secondly, that’s not true. I have never broken any heart before. Not all.
Are you sure?
Well, maybe when i was in the university. Then, it was a different ball game. I was a socialite and i also owned a magazine, a photography studio and had lots of things going well for me then.
So, that’s like an advantage to break hearts?
No! But in life we all had to go through some stages. Then, it was called youthful exorbitance. It is one of those things in life. We do them to have an experience that would help us in future. Yeah! I have broken hearts and my heart too has been broken. It is a two-way thing.
Tell us about your honey moon as a police officer….
For now, we haven’t had our honeymoon. I have been working even while on Honeymoon. It has been quite challenging to be in this kind of job and trying to have a perfect honeymoon.
Painfully, they just approved my Leave and my wife’s Leave was approved immediately after our wedding. Before, they approved mine, hers were almost gone.
Anyways, we have all our lives to live together and lots of other Honeymoon time to come.
 That night after your wedding, how did you feel seeing your wife besides you?
I felt like a fulfilled man. A happy man. A grown man. I see myself as a more responsible man. It was an awesome feeling.
Where is your wife from?
She’s from Lagos State.
Was it easy for you to convince her parents that you are an ideal husband?
There was no need for me to convince anyone. I just needed to show how responsible i am. Actions they say, speaks a lot. And i let that play, the big role. When they asked me questions, i answered the ones i could because i am a very blunt person.
How involved were you in your wedding, like choosing colours, and other arrangements?
In my life i have never prepared for anything. I am a very unprepared person. It just comes and i play my part. I never regretted anything. I believe whatever happens in life, God permitted it.
Wedding preparations are ladies things. I don’t really have a problem. If you want blue, black, yellow, that’s fine. But as long as you don’t interfere in my own.
Did recession affect your wedding plans, budget in any way?
It affected a whole lots of people. My mum is a business woman and my dad is a controller in the Nigeria Immigration, i am the first son and that privilege made a whole lots of things easier for me. 
That day was just like a movie, i just followed all instructions. sit here, stand up, that was it. I am very carefree person.
Were you born with a Silver spoon?
Well, i don’t know, but i know i hustled. I worked for myself. I hawked, i didn’t let what my parents have get into me.
Would you like any of your children to take after you?
I don’t have the right to decide that for my children. I just live a legacy for them. Whatever career they want, they can become.
How many children do you plan having with your wife?
As much as my wife can deliver. I am not God, he is the giver of children. Any number he gives us, we accept.
See several of their wedding photos below: 

We wish the beautiful couple a happy married life!

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