Nigerians Reaction To Alam’s Pardon Is ‘Sophisticated Ignorance’ – Abati

On the same show that turned Commandant Shem into a celebrity, Sunrise Daily, Dr Reuben Abati was also a guest.
And while speaking about the state pardon granted to former Governor of
Bayelsa state, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha described the widespread reaction
to the pardon as ‘Sophisticated Ignorance’.
The President’s aide explained the constitutional procedure of state
pardons and how the decision is reached not just by President but with
members of the council of state, hence the utmost use of wisdom in
reaching the final decision.
He noted that the conviction of a Nigerian does not mean that such an individual should be locked out of the society.
The state pardon, he claims is to help restore such convicts back in the society. What do you think?

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