Nigerians on Twitter react to Bobrisky’s sudden fame and opportunity to speak at seminars with top government officials

Bobrisky whose real name is Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, basking in the sun with his new public engagement as he would be embarking on a UK tour soon and as well be speaking at a seminar with some top government officials.

Well, even though the Personal Assistant to President Buhari on New Media, Bashir Ahmaad said he won’t be attending a conference in which he was to speak at, Nigerians on twitter are reacting seriously to the sudden media attention given to the male barbie.

See some tweets below….

Bobrisky now speaks at seminars…We have finally embraced stupidity in this country

Funny how the people complaining abt bobrisky speaking at a seminar on ‘unconventional application of SocMed’ follow his updates religiously

So Bobrisky speaks at seminars now. Nigerians are the biggest hypocrites.
If he were a foreigner we’d condemn him.

We promote unnecessary things in this country. Bobrisky was a speaker at a seminar. How ? What did he teach I want to know.

When we keep empowering irrelevant people that should be neglected, what’s the hope for Nigeria?

Just invite VIC-O to join bobrisky

Bobrisky is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen accepted in Nigeria …yet

He’s going to tell how “Unconventional uses of new media” manufactures bae in 2014, leads to Dubai in 2013, or ????? Can’t fathom!

No judging. No hate. Pure Reality. There are loads of great, young Nigerians who actually should be given such opportunity but NO. Bobrisky

Also just heard @BashirAhmaad won’t be attending his panel due to Bobrisky.


He could’ve presented the Govt’s position.

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